Andractim Review (UPDATE: January 2023) – Should You Use It?

From our Andractim review you will know all about this gel benefits, uses and possible sife effects. Andractim is a medicine which is used for the production of steroid hormones in a male’s body. An androgenic steroid dihydrotestosterone is available in this prescription. In medical stores, this medicine is available in a transdermal gel form; this Andractim gel contains 2.5% dihydrotestosterone. It is available in the weight of an 80gram tube.

Attention!!! We couldn’t find any reliable store selling Andractim online! Please, ask this drug locally.

Doctors prescribe this medicine, when there is a lack of libido in the body of men, this drug can likewise be utilized to decrease bosom in men called Gynecomastia. There are a few employment of this gel. It is a drug with a 10% absorption rate. You can buy this medicine online without any prescription in 2.5% concentration.

The composition of the product. Who will benefit using it?

Andractim Testosterone Gel is a great product for men as it helps to boost testosterone hormone naturally just like the best testosterone supplements do. For aged people, this medicine is best. Not only aged men will benefit, but this product is also very useful for bodybuilders to try increasing the mass of a thin muscle. Andractim is also used to increase the sex timing.

This medicine is best for those people who want to boost their strength. Andractim testosterone gel is a medicine which is generally used on the skin (transdermally) rather than internally.

Composition of the medicine

There are many gels which contain artificial testosterone, but in the composition of Andractim gel, dihydrotestosterone is used.  Dihydrotestosterone is a version of testosterone which is absorbed by the skin in the body. Andractim is a medicine which works in the body naturally.

For men, it is one of the best products.  In many ways, this product is especially for the people who want to lose excess fat and increase their mass of muscles.

Andractim is also named as Andractim DHT Gel because the gel contains Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Uses of Andractim

As it is already said that this medicine is best for men in many ways. The few main uses of Andractim gel are given below which may clear your all doubts:

Andractim DHT is very useful for the problem of male menopause

There are many middle-aged men who go through the problem of decreasing libido and vigor – this condition is known as male menopause. Usually, male menopause is found between the ages of 35 to 45 or a few years later. Menopause syndrome in male is generally caused by lacking the testosterone hormone and dihydrotestosterone. Andractim DHT gel is very beneficial for this problem; it can be given in the form of injection or patch.

Andractim DHT is useful for transgender men

Some SRS surgeons recommend Andractim DHT to transgender men for their genital growth.  Andractim DHT gel is the first choice for genital growth of FTM because this medicine is more influential than androgenic compound. In virilization, this medicine plays an energetic role.

When testosterone injects in a transgender man, it converts into DHT in a little amount in his body. After injecting in the body of a transgender man effect of growing hairs on face and body, change in voice, the timing of sex, and muscle growth occur. DHT is not anabolic, so it does not build up in the body or muscles like androgens.

This medicine is useful for the growth of the gentile organ

10% of DHT concentration is required for genital growth. Medical Experts advise 20 mg amount of medicine two to three times a day. Minimum time of taking this treatment is about three months. This gel is quickly absorbed after rubbing it on the gentile area.

How to buy Andractim Gel?

For buying Andractictim gel, no prescription is required. The main purpose of this medicine is to re-establish the stability of male hormones.  Men who need a booster of testosterone, this medicine is ideal for them. The doctor can determine the requirement of this medicine after doing tests which are required, so first, you should see your physician clear that you need this product or not, and the amount of medicine.

This is a product easily available on medical stores, or you can also buy Andractictim from online sites. It is advisable that before buying this medicine online, you should read Andractim review first.

Andractim side effects

Andractim Side EffectsAndractim is a very useful medicine for male sex hormone. There are rare cases of adverse effects. Some general effects occur when anyone takes a high dose:

  • Change of attitude and irritability occurs when a high dose is taken.
  • Sometimes the sign of excessive energy or being hyperactive can be seen.
  • In some cases a high dose of this medicine causes weight to increase the problem

Andractim gel is a cream used on the outer part of the body, so it is very safe for everyone. Some mild harmful effects may be seen after using Andractim. But everyone experience this is not important.  Some people face their side effects problem while some are not. If any person is using this medicine for a long time hair loss may occur.

Directions of use & How Long Does Testosterone Cream Take To Absorb?

How long does testosterone cream take to absorbAndractim gel is used only for external parts. Always wash your skin before applying this cream over the area of skin where it is required.

After applying the gel on the skin, it should be left to dry for five minutes for absorption. There are following steps for using this cream:

  • Wear your gloves: As this cream is concentrated always wear your gloves before applying this cream.
  • How to rub? After wear, your gloves take a given amount of gel cream and softly squeeze it as shown in the information sheet. After applying this cream, left it for five minutes as it takes time to absorb. After absorption wipes out the cream with the help of tissue paper and gets ready for the next dose.
  • After taking the first dose of medicine to remove your gloves and wash them with the help of warm soapy water.

Thanks for reading our complete Andractim review. Hope now you know better if this product is really for you!


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