CJC 1295 Ipamorelin Benefits, Dosage, Results and Side effects.

CJC 1295 Ipamorelin cycle are novel and effective anti-aging treatments. Moreover, it has no side effects on both men and women. This cycle will also be effective for those who do not care about sports but want to focus on improving the quality of skin, hair, and nails; reduce fat; boost energy levels; and make the body tighter.

Those who regularly go to the gym will be pleased with another effect – increasing muscle stiffness, better recovery, more growth hormone releasing to speed up lean muscle growth.

This cycle consists of two peptides: Ipamorelin and CJC 1295. Both are stimuli for the production of human growth hormone, so when you take them together, the release of HGH is very high.  1

It means that the benefits of this peptide cycle are as close as possible to those you can get using standard HGH injections.

The benefits of the Ipamorelin CJC 1295 stack

cjc 1295 ipamorelin benefits

  • skin improvement
  • nails and hair enhancement.
  • Fat-burning effect
  • improving muscle tone and appearance
  • strengthening of joints and ligaments
  • It is possible to gain muscle mass and even improve sleep.

Please note that the main benefit of Ipamorelin CJC 1295 peptides stack is rather protection and restoration than muscle building since the benefits of this stack on muscle mass gain are pretty modest. Nevertheless, it is worth buying it for general body strengthening!

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How do CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin work together to increase HGH?

CJC 1295 Ipamorelin peptides increase growth hormone levels and are known as the most potent bodybuilding peptides for this goal.

CJC 1295 peptide increases GH production by the pituitary gland, but unlike its predecessor, CJC-1295, it is effective for 30 minutes, but the effects last for 5 to 14 days! Simply put, only two injections per week will maintain a consistently high level of growth hormone in the blood for two weeks.

By the way, this peptide gives a pronounced improvement in skin and hair condition and an excellent overall rejuvenating effect. It also blocks the production of Somatostatin, which prevents the production of GH.

Ipamorelin is the latest stimulant for growth hormone production and is also a blocker of Somatostatin. Unfortunately, Ipamorelin has a slightly less noticeable rejuvenating effect. Still, it will give you increased production of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) as CJC-1295 does. 2

Your cells will have a longer lifespan thanks to this substance, and at the end of it, they will renew faster. The combination of high concentrations of HGH and IGF-1 will give you a lot of energy and strength, which will be helpful not only for those who workout almost daily.

By the way, the effect of this cycle manifests itself in men and women a little differently. The rejuvenation of the male body occurs from the inside, i.e., the work of internal organs improves, muscles become more rigid. In women, GH improves their appearance—the condition of their skin, hair, nails, and so on.



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Dosage and how to use the stack

cjc-1295 dosage and how to use

The cycle includes:

  1. Ipamorelin—5 vials of 2 mg of the active substance
  1. CJC-1295—5 vials of 2 mg.

This amount is enough for a monthly cycle and to get a good result. You can order the solvent separately, or some online vendors sell injection water.

The cycle duration of the Ipamorelin and CJC-1295 is one month. This time is enough to get the sound effects and also improve your health. It is worth noting the favourable impact of peptides on the body, due to which side effects occur very rarely.

How to take

The only difficulty and inconvenience are the three injections per day, at intervals of six to eight hours. But to get a good result, you must be patient. You should dilute the vials with 2 mL of liquid, such as injection water or lidocaine.

The scheme is as follows:

We take an insulin syringe with a scale from 10 to 100, or any other syringe with an integrated (fixed) needle; we take ten units of solution from the already diluted CJC 1295 bottle, and ten units from the Ipamorelin peptide bottle.You will have 20 units of the active substance, ten of which are 100 µg of CJC-1295, and the other ten are 100 µg of Ipamorelin.

It is your single injection, which you should give three times a day. The best times are one hour before and after meals. The best time to take peptides is every 6-8 hours. Administer the first injection in the morning on an empty stomach. The second one is in the middle of the day (for example, before the training)—the last one on that day (the third one)—before going to bed.

It is possible to change injections, for example, to switch from the belly fat layer to the shoulders. Try to give injections as far away from each other as possible; otherwise, the risk of contusions and bruises increases, as the skin will not have time to recover.

Contraindications and side effects

Testogen side effects. Is it safe?There are no contraindications to this cycle. However, you may notice side effects like dizziness and pulsation in the temples 30 minutes after the injection. It is associated with activating the centre of the production of GH in the brain. You may also experience slight redness and irritation at the site of the injection.

Ipamorelin and CJC 1295 combination results

Athletes noticed that the Ipamorelin growth hormone boosters worked in tandem.This combination gave good results. This stack provides the highest levels of growth hormone release immediately after the injection. The optimal daily dose in pharmacology is three injections of 100 micrograms of each drug.

The Ipamorelin and CJC-1295 stack as much as possible resembles the functioning of growth hormone, so the effects are similar. muscle structure improvement, fat burning, sleep improvement, skin enhancement (firmness and elasticity), hair, nails, lower cholesterol, and increased immunityIt is also worth noting the strengthening of joints and ligaments.

Usually, users speak positively about this bundle of peptide bioregulators. However, it is often almost impossible to achieve great visible results in muscle growth (especially if you are not working out).

The cycle is more focused on general body strengthening. Sleep improves, joints become stronger, skin becomes firmer, and hair is healthy.

The peptides and recovery

So, CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin is like a secret weapon for muscle growth and faster recovery. It works by kickstarting your body’s natural GH and IGF-1 production, which are essential hormones that regulate muscle growth, bone density, and body composition.

Here’s the deal – when you take CJC-1295 Ipamorelin, it sends a signal to your hypothalamus, which then sends a message to your pituitary gland to pump out more GH. And more GH means more IGF-1 production in your cells, which in turn results in faster muscle growth, improved bone health, and better recovery from those intense workout sessions. Think of it like a 1-2 punch combo for your muscles – GH and IGF-1 working together to make sure you recover faster and come back stronger for your next workout!

Where to Buy CJC 1295 Ipamorelin?

You can buy an effective stack of peptides online. For example, to order Ipamorelin and CJC-1295 peptides, visit Swisschems and use the discount code boosthormone for 25% off.

Are the peptides used for testosterone replacement?

CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin are not the same thing as testosterone therapy, no matter how much you want them to be. You see, CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin are all about boosting your GH and IGF-1 levels, while testosterone replacement therapy is all about restoring your testosterone levels to where they should be.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “But bro, I want all the hormones!” Trust me, I feel you. But it’s not that simple. Testosterone is a big deal for us bodybuilders – it helps us build muscle, keep our bones strong, and, you know, perform like champions in the bedroom. If your testosterone levels are low, it can lead to a whole bunch of not-so-fun symptoms, like less muscle mass and a lower sex drive. That’s where testosterone hormone replacement therapy (HRT) comes in – it helps you get your T levels back to normal, so you can feel like your old self again.

So, just to summarize – CJC-1295 Ipamorelin peptide therapy is great for GH and IGF-1, but if you’re dealing with low testosterone levels, you need to hit up a doctor for some T therapy. Don’t mix things up!

CJC-1295 Studies

In a 2005 CJC-1295 study (aimed at GHRH 1-44), women who were injected with a peptide for 90 days found the following beneficial effects:

– an increase in growth hormone (GH) and IGF-1 levels;

– weight loss (abdominal fat) and increased performance (walking up the stairs).

All of this comes only from using a single peptide (no special physical training and no diet in combination with injections).

The 2004 study in men showed similar results. After a 3-month CJC-1295 cycle, we observed an increase in GH and IGF-1 levels by 200%, an increase in fat-free body weight (muscles), a decrease in abdominal fat, and improved physical performance, measured by a 30-minute walk and climbing four stairs.

You can only get similar results with injections, no special diet, and no strength exercises. You get even better results if you combine it with dieting and training.

CJC-1295 study results:

  • CJC-1295 has anti-ageing properties – increasing the level of growth hormone and IGF-1, which decrease with age.
  • The results are not immediately visible; give it at least three months.
  • Peptides are effective in themselves (but the results will be much better in combination with diet and exercise).
  • CJC-1295 peptides are safe and have been used in scientific circles for many years.
  • The peptides improve athletic performance, help with body fat burning (especially in the abdominal area), and increase muscle mass.

Ipamorelin solo cycle benefits

Ipamorelin is an artificially created analogue of the human growth hormone. It is considered one of the most popular and effective peptides in stimulating the pituitary gland. As a result, it is in demand among professional athletes and those who want to gain muscle mass faster.

It appeared on the market in the late 90s by producing the amino acid compound Aib-His-D-2-Nal from GHRP (growth hormone, hormone recycling).

You can get the peptide in specialized sports stores in 2 mg bottles. The cycle length is 25 to 30 days with an Ipamorelin dosage of 1 mg per 1 kg of human weight. But many athletes advise increasing the amount to 1.5 µg per 1 kg of weight.

How to take Ipamorelin solely?

What will you need for the injections?

  • an ampoule containing the peptide Ipamorelin;
  • An ampoule with water for injection;
  • a syringe for intramuscular injection;
  • An insulin syringe for 100 units.

Ideally, the drug is stored in the refrigerator for 30 days but should not be frozen; otherwise, it loses its properties. Instead, you should cool the peptide to room temperature. Then Ipamorelin is diluted with water for injection while ensuring that the water flows down the wall of the ampoule.

Gently stir the composition with rotating movements without shaking. Specialists advise keeping the dosage based on one µg per kilogram of weight or using a fixed volume of 100 µg. With this dosage per day, you’ll get the best results. The instructions for use specify that the peptide should be injected subcutaneously 2-3 times a day.

Important! Testing in 2018 showed that exceeding the declared dosages would result in a slight increase. And with an even more significant increase in the number of injections, the anabolic characteristics of Ipamoreline will begin to decline. Therefore, this action is considered illogical and even dangerous.

Ipamorelin and HGH 176 191 stack is also an ideal combination of peptides. Good results can be achieved by cutting and gaining muscle mass simultaneously. Both cycles help to increase muscle tone and growth rate. As a result, the body will become tighter, the skin will look healthy, and fat deposits will go away much faster.

The main advantages of using Ipamorelin

All properties are based on the active production of growth hormones. Therefore, the list of effects is significant, but Ipamorelin itself has no special, primary, unique qualities.

  • It burns fat by increasing the lipid metaboliс rate.
  • Muscle mass growth. It has a better effect in combination with other peptides, but the solo cycle is also OK.
  • Cardio stimulation. Ipamorelin stimulates the myocardium without causing tachycardia or weakening the rhythm. In clinical trials with patients, in some cases, there was a slowdown in the ageing of heart cells.
  • Immunity and overall physical health are improving. It helps to protect the immune system and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the joints.
  • Regulation of thyroid hormone secretion.
  • It provides an increase in libido and function of the genitalia.
  • It promotes rapid recovery after intensive training or injury.
  • It has an active impact on the regeneration of bone and muscle tissue.

Ipamorelin does not affect the level of insulin in the blood, which is especially important in sports diets. The peptide minimizes the possibility of diabetes.

Contraindications and side effects

Athletes noted an excellent anabolic effect, as well as an overall improvement in physical condition. But in some cases, there may be mild side effects:

  • headaches
  • short sleepiness immediately after the injection.
  • Redness and itching at the injection site

There are virtually no contraindications to using it, except for individual intolerance to specific amino acids. However, most user complaints are about a short shelf life.


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