RAD 140 SARMs (Testolone), Which Muscle Building Results to Expect After the Cycle?

Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) such as RAD-140, also known as Testolone1, are emerging as a popular alternative to anabolic steroids due to their ability to stimulate muscle growth with fewer side effects.

Unlike anabolic steroids, which have both anabolic and androgenic effects, SARMs target specific tissues, making them a safer option for enhancing physical performance. RAD-140, in particular, is recognized for its efficacy in increasing muscle mass, improving bone density, and even offering protective benefits to brain health without negatively impacting the liver or hormonal balance.

For individuals engaging in bodybuilding and fitness, RAD-140 supports weight loss, muscle preservation, and boosts in strength, speed, and endurance. It is suitable for both men and women, with a typical dosage ranging from 10 to 30 mg per day over an 8 to 12-week cycle. To maximize benefits, it is recommended to combine RAD-140 intake with adequate protein consumption and rigorous training.

While RAD-140 is associated with minimal side effects, such as headaches, nausea, and potential hair loss, long-term use may lead to testosterone suppression, necessitating a post-cycle therapy (PCT) to restore hormonal balance. A balanced diet and supplementation with test boosters are advised to enhance performance and mitigate nutrient deficiencies.

When purchasing RAD-140 online, it is crucial to opt for trusted sellers to ensure product purity and effectiveness. Brands like Chemyo, Swiss Chems are frequently recommended for their reliability. Caution is advised to avoid mislabeled or adulterated products from unverified sources. Further exploration into SARMs, including safety profiles and weight loss applications, is supported by scientific research, offering a comprehensive understanding of their benefits and limitations.

What are SARMs and How they Differ From Anabolic Steroids?

steroids and sarms

Anabolic steroids are substances that act like male sex hormones. They activate anabolic processes in the body and have androgenic (testosterone-like) effects. With proper use of anabolic steroids, they help to increase muscle mass and reduce the volume of fatty tissue through the activation of metabolic processes. But they have a number of side effects.

  1. Anabolic steroids are associated with androgenic action: an increase in the volume of the prostate gland, suppression of the production of their own sex hormones and related sexual disorders.
  2. Selective androgen receptor modulators are non-hormonal drugs. They bind androgen receptors in tissues and have predominantly an anabolic effect. Unlike anabolic drugs, they have minimal side effects. Therefore, they have gained well-deserved popularity as an alternative to anabolic hormones.

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RAD-140 Benefits

This SARM is sold in pills and powder and does not have any negative effects on the liver and hormonal balance. Moreover, in addition to its main function, it has an overall positive effect on the human body: improving blood flow, stabilizing the nervous system, slowing down the process of cell destruction, preventing damage to neurons2  and strengthening bones and ligaments. In addition, lipolytic action was also noted during RAD 140 SARM intake.

RAD 140 SARM helps to:

  • increase the volume of dry (without excess water and fat) muscle;
  • accelerate the synthesis of ATP and formation of energy, which enhancers the endurance of athletes during the training;
  • strengthen bones and enamel of teeth;
  • prevent degenerative changes in the brain;
  • eliminat side effects caused by testosterone and steroid anabolics;
  • rapidly recover after the training.

It is believed that Testolone is the safest and most effective drug of the SARMs group today.

Additional positive effects of the SARM

In laboratory studies on animals, it was found that Testolone is able to have a positive effect on brain cells (neurons), preventing their premature aging. This property can be used to prevent such degenerative processes in the brain as senile dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

According to research data, Testolone can also be used to strengthen bones in women in postmenopause, when the reduction of estrogen secretion takes place and bones lose calcium.

RAD 140 Experience in Bodybuilding and Fitness


This drug will be effective for weight loss and cutting, as demonstrated by the feedback from RAD 140 users. But you need to understand that you also need a balanced diet, and the drug itself will contribute to faster burning of fat while maintaining muscle mass.

Muscle growth (bulking)

RAD 140 selectively stimulates muscle volume boost. This requires a relatively small dosage.

Building muscle mass and burning fat with Testolone is faster than with other SARMs. The effect will be visible a week after start taking. The supplement has a sufficiently prolonged effect.

Testolone is the only one of its kind in its class that has the ability to build up exceptionally dry muscle mass.

Use in sports

Testolone was tested on a group of athletes during 4 weeks of training. The positive effects were: more strength, speed, endurance and faster recovery of the body after physical activity by several times. RAD 140 is taken by both professional and amateur athletes and many of them consider it one of the most effective among SARMs.


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RAD-140 Cycle Dosing

Due to the fact that RAD 140 does not affect the hormonal balance, it can be taken by both men and women.

The dose may vary from 10 to 30 mg per day. In the beginning, it is better to use the minimum dosage. If the weight is less than 85 kg, one capsule should be taken one hour after a meal, if the weight is higher, it is worth adding another capsule after the training. One cycle is 8 to 12 weeks.

It should be combined with sufficient protein intake (up to 3g per 1kg of weight per day), calorie intake and intensive training under the direction of an experienced fitness trainer.  Testolone has only positive feedback from the athletes who took it.

An excess daily dosage of more than 30 mg is considered completely unjustified. The drug has an excellent effect and shows good anabolic effect even at minimum dosages.

Taking 20 mg per day allows you to get an incredible boost in muscle mass in an eight-week.

Failure to follow dosages and recommendations for the duration of the cycle may have an overwhelming effect on the body. The risks of side effects will also increase without any positive impact on progress.

Stacking with other SARMs

RAD 140 stacks perfectly with other SARMs. Among the most popular and effective stacks should be highlighted the combinations with LGD4033 and MK-677.

rad 140 stack


There are many myths and speculations about the half-life of the RAD140. According to authoritative sources and real-world observations, this period ranges from 16 to 20 hours. This means that the optimal taking of Testolone is once or twice a day.

In most cases, after the first use of Testolone athletes of different levels have a significant acceleration of progress. Even advanced level athletes have the strongest effect compared to other drugs.

Testolone Cycle Results

Regardless of experience and level of training, you can expect an impressive boost in strength and muscle. This SARM is one of the strongest drugs in its category, especially in building lean muscle mass.

RAD 140 Experience

The first noticeable effect of RAD140 when you are on the cycle will be a change in body proportions. After 2-3 weeks, athletes will be able to notice a significant increase in strength. The noticeable boost in strength will contribute to the rapid gain of pure muscle mass, 3-4 weeks after the start. After this point, there will be a stable increase in strength and weight. By week 8, athletes are averaging 4.5 to 6.5 kg of muscle mass gain.

In general, the drug is an excellent way to accelerate progress and exceeds the action of LGD-4033, but this stack intake gives a synergistic effect! It is also 5 times stronger than Ostarin.

rad 140 results


“After the LGD-4033 cycle, I wanted to try something more powerful. In the long run, I considered S23, YK11, and RAD140. The choice fell on Testolone, and I did not regret it. With the help of this drug I was able to gain much more pure muscle mass than on the Ligandrol cycle. Moreover, the effects of these compounds are so different that they should not even be compared to each other.

My cycle was 8 weeks long. The dosage was 20 mg per day. Throughout the cycle, I did not feel any side effects or discomfort. The only noticeable effect was a slight increase in aggression during the training. The increase in strength was stunning. The increase in pure muscle mass was 4.5-5 kg.

According to my personal observations, RAD 140 surpasses even Andarine (S-4), which I previously considered to be one of the most powerful compounds.”

Therefore, the use of Testolone will be significantly different from the prohibited anabolic drugs, both in terms of effectiveness and safety.

Side Effects and PCT

The mechanism of SARMs differs from other drugs and anabolic steroids. The selective effect of the drugs should not cause side effects during the cycle. Despite the fact that RAD 140 is considered a new generation drug, which is 100% studied, a number of studies prove its effectiveness and safety.

Clinical studies have not revealed any side effects that could be associated with taking Testolone, such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • Gynecomastia
  • Acne

Testolone was originally developed for medical purposes, so the negative effect of its use is minimized, but it should be noted that it was developed only recently and the research is ongoing, so some of the effects may not yet have manifested themselves.

Some people noted periodic headache, nausea and hair loss, but during the study, their relationship with Testolone was not identified.

One of the possible side effects of Testolone, which is worth paying attention to, is the suppression of testosterone production in long-term cycles. This is more often the case when athletes exceed 10 weeks cycle and dosages are high. In this case, a full PCT will be required after the cycle.

What Kind of Sports Nutrition to Take with Testolone?

The cycles must be combined with a balanced diet.

Nutrition of a modern person leading an active lifestyle, and especially an athlete on a cycle of prohormones or SARMs MUST include the following bodybuilding supplements to compensate for the lack of macro and micronutrients:

  •     Vitamins and minerals
  •     Fatty acids
  •     Protein and amino acids

Men can also improve their performance, libido and overall quality of life with test boosters.

The above supplements give your body what it always lacks during intensive physical activity. Test supplements also may increase testosterone but you need to search for the right ingredients in supplements: read more about the best test boosters here.

Where to Buy RAD 140 Online?

Why I advise to buy RAD 140 online only from trusted sellers like Chemyo, Swiss Chems?

In this limited study including biochemical analyses of 44 items advertised as selective androgen receptor modulators and available for sale online, many products contained unapproved medications and ingredients. Only 52% contained SARMs and many were inaccurately labeled.

Check the trusted brands to order online. Learn about the best SARM companies here.


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