TB-500 Peptide (Thymosin Beta 4) Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects

Thymosine Beta 4 or TB-500 peptide is a synthetic analog of the peptide found in almost all human cells and includes 44 amino acids. Its main and most powerful function is its ability to quickly heal sports injuries and micro-traumas. As well as to reduce physiological stress resulting from extremely intensive sports activities.

That is why TB 500 peptide capsules are productively used in pre-competition training in order to quickly gain and, just as importantly, maintain the athlete’s best form.

In addition to quickly improving, one’s form after an illness or injury, it also has benefits for the majority of sports parameters:

  • endurance
  • joint mobility,
  • strength (especially speed),
  • extensibility of ligaments.

Interestingly, this peptide was originally used in horse races, where it had a huge impact on the outcome of the competition.

Thymosine beta 4 benefits and effects

  • Increase strength and endurance quickly and noticeably;
  • Relieve muscle spasms and improve muscle tone;
  • Improve metabolism, ensure the supply of nutrients to all cells;
  • Speed up tissue repair, enhance immunity;
  • Positively influence connective tissues, improving flexibility and mobility of joints and reducing their inflammation;
  • Increase the sensitivity of body tissues to the hormone IGF-1;
  • Improve blood supply to the muscles and enhance vascular growth in the muscles; increase the number of red blood cells.

Thymosin beta 4 benefits

In medicine, TB-500 allows a quick recovery after myocardial infarction and enhances the treatment of ischemic heart disease.

Athletes who have used TB 500 note the high healing capacity of joints, both for minor wear and major injuries. In some countries, the peptide is especially popular with track and field athletes.

Is TB-500 a steroid?

TB-500 isn’t a steroid at all. It is a synthetic analogue of the natural peptide Thymosin Beta 4. This protein is produced by the thymus gland and has healing effects based on several mechanisms, including increased actin activity, enhanced angiogenesis (blood vessel formation) and reduced inflammation.

TB 500 dosage: how to take it?

TB-500 for injection must be pre-dissolved in special water for injection—sterile or bactericidal. One vial usually takes 2 mL of water. The diluted peptide should be stored in the refrigerator at 2-8 °C. The solution made using sterile water can be stored for 6-7 days, and up to 3 weeks if bactericidal water is used.

The TB-500 cycle includes several phases:

Phase 1

Over the cycle of a week, 5 injections of 2mg of the peptide must be given, ending up using 10mg in total.

This is about 1 vial per day.

Phase 2

This lasts for 5 weeks. We inject 5mg in 2 injections (2.5mg each) each week.

That’s about two vials a week.

3 Support

For 5 weeks, we inject 2 mg once a week. This is one bottle a week.

Some athletes use TB-500 as a strength enhancer during competitions. It is 100% drug-free, but its use as a doping agent is quite risky since TB-500 can be detected in the blood by liquid chromatography.

The peptide has no side effects, even in doses that are many times higher than recommended. But it is worth considering that increasing the TB 500 dosage very rarely increases the effect of the peptide.

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How does TB 500 work?

How does TB 500 workWith intense workouts, the joints wear out quickly. Cartilage tissue cells do not have enough time to secrete enough extracellular proteins, of which the inter-articular layer is formed. The layer is gradually destroyed by other extracellular compounds (metalloproteases). This leads to pain and joint destruction.

Thymosin beta 4 helps cartilage cells synthesize substances that then form the intercellular substance and enlarge the cartilage from the inside out. In addition, the peptide inhibits the action of metalloproteases and promotes the movement of stem cells to the problem area. It turns out that TB 500 not only prevents the destruction of joints but also stimulates the repair of already destroyed tissue.

TB 500’s capability to heal wounds and restore muscle tissue is also related to the peptide’s ability to deliver stem cells to the site of damage. This requires an injection to the site of the injury.

TB-500 and BPC-157 peptides stack

In terms of regeneration, healing and recovery, peptides TB-500 and BPC-157 have beneficial synergistic effects on the body. Each peptide promotes enhanced recovery from injuries of joints, bones, muscles and connective tissue. 

At the same time each of them provide a protective effect and help prevent injuries, increase flexibility, and strengthen musculoskeletal tissue, tendons, and ligaments. Nevertheless, they have significant differences in structures, places of concentration, and strength of effect on different types of body tissues.

Many have observed that TB-500 has a predominant effect on muscle tissue as opposed to BPC-157, which includes muscle damage repair as well as growth and strength enhancement effects. There are also reports that both peptides have healing and protective effects on joint, bone and connective tissue. 

The daily dosage of BPC-157 is up to 600-750 mcg, and TB-500 is 5mg to 20 mg per week. Such cycle is suitable for people with weight from 50 to 100 kg.

Research on the TB 500 peptide 

The thymosin hormone, of which thymosin beta 4 peptide is a part, was first obtained in 1965 from the bovine thymus gland at the University of Texas. Experiments on animals proved the hormone’s effect on the body’s immune responses. Later, thymosin beta 4 was isolated, which in experiments on mice showed the ability to restore the myocardium.

In 2012, scientists investigated the effects of using the TB500 peptide on volunteers. Clinical trials of the effects of Timosin beta 4 on the myocardium began in 2016 and were suspended in 2019. During these trials, the peptide was shown to be effective and had no serious side effects. Clinical trials of TB 500 in gel form for the treatment of bedsores have been successfully completed, as have trials on volunteers with trophic venous ulcers. The peptide has proven to be effective.

There are 14 trials of thymosin beta 4 in the clinical trials database (ClinicalTrials.gov).

Officially, the World Anti-Doping Agency prohibits the use of Thymosin Beta 4 peptide because it enhances the physical capabilities of humans. There is no accurate test to determine TB 500 in the body.

TB 500 side effects 

Individual intolerance studies using a placebo showed no side effects.

Pregnant and lactating women, as well as those under the age of 18, should avoid this product.

To avoid TB 500 side effects, follow the rules:

  • adhering to the injection schedule;
  • following your diet and exercise regimen;
  • strict adherence to recommended dosages;
  • timely cessation of intake;

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