“What’s Your Favorite of All Workout Supplements to Boost HGH or Test?”


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“The best testosterone and HGH supplements?” That’s the frequently asked question.

Our site is mainly dedicated to workout supplements and the range of other products that work to increase the level of various hormones in the blood. The best HGH and testosterone supplements, that stood the test of time and have positive testimonials.

We do not limit ourselves to bodybuilding supplements only when choosing the right products for hormones boosting. It’s ok to inject bodybuilding peptides, for example. The product must be safe to use, work good and if there is a possibility of any side effects, we always warn about them.

Important! Just keep in mind, all of the supplements reviewed here are mainly for healthy people. They are not developed to treat any hormone deficiency or diseases! Ideally you should consult your doctor before start taking anything.

What are the main benefits of increasing the level of certain hormones in your body?

  • Growth and development. Hormones improve your workout and bodybuilding performance (to increase and repair muscles, to decrease fat layer, for cutting)
  • Combatting the aging changes (better sleep, skin, bones and other bodily functions enhancement)
  • Improving your overall health.

In one sentence – hormones are vital to your overall health and well-being, as they act as chemical messengers in the whole body.

Why take workout supplements, boosters and wait to see the results when there are injections with pure hormones?

As you may already know there are 2 ways to boost hormones level in the body:

  1. Natural ways of stimulating the release of your own hormones. In the case with HGH or testosterone hormones, this can be done by means of boosters (releasers, sprays), which mainly consist of amino-acids, growth factors, and botanical extracts.  If it’s an HGH booster – it’s ingredients will trigger your pituitary gland to naturally and safely produce the levels of hormone you had when you were younger.
  2. By means of synthetic man-made substances: human growth hormone injections, hormone replacement therapy and others.

The second method of administration of synthetic bioidentical hormones was developed to treat disorders and serious hormone deficiencies. That’s why we don’t recommend it unless it’s given by a doctor or obtained by the prescription! An injectable HGH has some important benefits, but also serious, known dangers for health, especially if taken incorrectly.

That’s why it’s cheaper and safer to start taking some workout supplements for muscle growth like amino-acids, HGH or testosterone boosters and wait for 1 to 2 months to see noticeable results than illegally getting injections and putting yourself at risk!

What about Prohormone Stacks, widely used in bodybuilding?

Many of them were banned by DASCA in 2014 and illegal in the US, still, we reviewed some of the best legal prohormone stacks, although even the legal ones are not safe to use as there are side effects. Here is the list of banned prohormones. So, it’s up to you whether to use them or not!

Are GHRH or GHRP peptides a safe option?

Bodybuilding peptides are mostly safe to use if the injections are given right. They are a safer alternative to pure HGH injections.

  • GHRH peptides are synthetic molecules that activate the making of more growth hormone. They produce a slow but stable boost in the releasing of HGH.
  • GHRP peptides directly targeting the pituitary gland to increase somatotropic hormone production, not just stimulating. You can expect more of HGH in a short time. Thus, GHRP peptides are enhanced types of GHRH.

We reviewed the most popular and best bodybuilding peptide stacks on the market. They are widely used to increase lean muscle mass, for cutting, for male and female fat loss.

Ok, enough chatter, we hope you will enjoy staying at BoostHormone.com