1 Andro vs. 4 Andro – Can You Stack Them?

1-Andro is a potent prohormone that does not convert to estrogen. The developers are replacing the methylation process with more gentle methods so that the supplement is less toxic to the liver (the supplement is possibly unsafe). The efficacy of this prohormone can be similar to some steroids, but it lacks several side effects that would occur with anabolic hormonal drugs.

1-Andro is a premium prohormone for beginners and advanced strength athletes. Taking it regularly and regular weight-lifting or bodyweight training helps increase your strength parameters, reduce blubber percentage, and increase muscle mass. Depending on the type of diet, the results of 1- Andro can vary from 7% to 25%.

What to stack 1- Andro with?

  • Epi Andro
  • Adipokinetix
  • Creatine hydrochloride (does not retain water);
  • Branched side-chain amino acids where leucine, isoleucine, and valine concentration is 8:1:1 (BSAA 8.1.1)
  • 1 and 4 Andro cycle

1 and 4 andro stack

Important: prohormone supplementation presupposes a well-balanced diet in which simple carbohydrates and sugars are minimized or absent altogether. If fast carbohydrates dominate the diet, it is necessary to increase the amount of fiber consumed. “One broccoli for every burger, for example.”

1-Andro vs. 4-Andro

What’s the difference between 1-Andro and 4-Andro, and why should you care? The main distinction between the two is the risk of adverse effects. 4-Andro converts to DHT and Estrogen, but 1-Andro does not.

1-Andro contains the DHEA isomer 1-DHEA, which is found in nature. 1-DHEA transforms to 1-androstenediol and 1-testosterone, both non-estrogenic, rather than estrogen or testosterone.

4-DHEA has a low estrogen and DHT conversion rate and transforms to 4-androstenediol as its first significant metabolite. As a result, stacking them together can assist users in maintaining a healthy testosterone-to-estrogen ratio in both Andro stack cycle, allowing you to grow lean muscle mass both wet and dry.

The effects of taking 1-Andro:

  • Eliminates the catabolic processes associated with the destruction of muscle mass;
  • Stabilizes anabolic processes in the athlete’s body;
  • Causes supercompensation effects without compromising health;
  • Accelerates recovery processes after workouts.

The Advantages of 1-Andro:

  • No such side effects as baldness, problems with the top layer of skin, and excretory systems, if recommendations for use are followed.
  • Improves male sexual health.
  • The supplement normalizes testosterone synthesis and the function of vital organs.
  • 1-Andro does not work like Viagra or its analogs.
  • No serious toxicity and adverse effects on the liver and kidneys.
  • A convenient form for use – is oral administration.

How to Use 1-Andro?

Take 2-4 capsules per day, divided into several intakes, with plenty of water—the duration of the cycle is 4 to 8 weeks. After taking a break for 2 to 3 months, two weeks before the end of the cycle, you need to start taking drugs (PCT) that increase your testosterone level.

To be on the safe side, you should take post-cycle therapy with drugs that normalize your hormones’ synthesis.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Ideally, you should consult a specialist before use.

4 Andro solo cycle effects

4-Andro is converted in the body in two steps, but in the end, it is converted into testosterone.

What is very important, it is converted to both 4-androstenedione (Andro Dione) and 4-androstenediol (Andro Diol – known as 4-AD), that is, in the Diol form and the Dione form. 4-AD precisely is converted into testosterone.

Unlike 1-ANDRO, which lowers testosterone levels and gives some lethargy, 4-ANDRO, on the contrary, increases sex drive.

One other point to note. The dionic form that 4-ANDRO converts to can convert to estrogen, as in other drugs that increase your testosterone levels. Therefore, it is essential to use an aromatase inhibitor while taking this prohormone; also, to be sure everything is okay in the body, take a blood test and see the tests first.

4-Andro is very popular for building muscle mass and increasing strength. Bodybuilders and lifters use this product to increase libido and muscle. It is a potent prohormone that is a safer alternative to illegal steroids and converts to testosterone.

4-Andro is not only very anabolic and androgenic. It increases muscle mass in proportion to an increase in strength.

You can expect increased testosterone levels, pronounced venosity, and a pump.

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