Low HGH and Low Libido Correlation – How to Boost Sex Drive?

Every activity of a body is administered and powered by special chemicals present in the body called hormones. These chemicals are best explained as the messengers of the body where are secreted and produced by the endocrine glands.

The role of hormones

Hormones execute information and motivate various organs of our body into action. One of the most important hormones is called the Human Growth Hormone. The latter is responsible for the maintenance of our body and growth itself.

HGH keeps the blood vessels, organs, muscles, and immune system strong and healthy. It even control the functioning, release, and production of other important proteins and hormones from other endocrine glands.

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Therefore, HGH can be considered the master hormone. Apart from these primary functions and benefits, it does perform some important secondary functions as well. Some such benefits are muscle mass building, fat burning, and sexual activity.

As you may already know, as we age, our HGH level production is dropped drastically which then causes a variety of problems. One major problem and effect that reduced levels of human growth hormones have on us is that it reduces and diminishes the sex hormone content in our body, and thus reducing libido. The best HGH supplements (releasers, boosters) can be the “cure” for boosting our libido and for many sexual problems that we face in the latter part of our life as we age older.

Low HGH and low libido

HGH Levels in menWhen we are young, greater amount of HGH is produced and released in our body. However, as we become adults at about the age of 35 or even earlier the pituitary gland slowly decreases and drops the production of HGH. 1

A significant drop in sexual desire levels is normally seen in almost everyone (both males and females) at around that same point in life. This is common trouble to millions of women and men around the world. Moreover, other external factors contributing to this phenomenon can be physiological, psychological, or even emotional.

Normally this problem is seen in men when they tend to suffer from erectile dysfunction while women will suddenly lose their sex drive. HGH releasers are one guaranteed cure for this sex problem and phenomenon. Enhancing our libido with HGH boosters will without a doubt restore our sexuality and sexual influence.

The effect of HGH on a woman’s libido

GH can revive the sex drive and orgasmic power that women experienced in their youth. Women undergoing GH therapy report increased libido, increased pleasure, and multiple orgasms equivalent to increased male potency. Part of the increase in women’s sexuality is due to their increased self-esteem: they start seeing themselves as more attractive with smooth skin and a good figure. Nothing elevates a person’s sex drive, whether male or female, like great looks.

Increased sexual activity for both women and men has a rejuvenating effect on the pituitary gland and neuroendocrine axis. HGH has the additional benefit of relieving menstrual and post-menstrual symptoms. For example, Dr. John Barron of the Barron Clinic in Cleveland treated a thirty-five-year-old woman suffering from severe premenstrual tension with growth hormone and progesterone. Her symptoms subsided to the point where she now barely notices when she is menstruating.

With the help of HG replacement therapy, a 55-year-old female was completely relieved of her “hot flashes”. In addition, her FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) level dropped from 60 (the level typical of menopause) to 8 (the norm for a young woman with regular periods).

Although there are no clinical studies specifically examining the effects of hGH on sexual function, there is evidence that growth hormone plays a central role in both desire and the ability to have intercourse.

First, people who are deficient in growth hormone due to pituitary gland disease complain of decreased sexual function and sex drive.

Second, when they take HGH, if Bengtsson is to be believed, they report increased sex drive and function, as evidenced by their responses to a questionnaire measuring patients’ quality of life.

Third, this is evidenced by people taking growth hormone as part of an anti-aging program.

How does growth hormone boosts sexual desire?

the role of hormones

HGH reverses the age-related decline in sex drive and function. And it does this on all levels of body organization – from cells to organs and whole systems. On the cellular level, it improves protein synthesis 2 and cell division, which is associated with the regrowth of organs. At the tissue level, the anabolic effect of nitrogen retention helps to build muscle mass.

At the hormonal level, there is a direct link between pituitary hormones and hormones of the genitals, ovaries, and testicles. For many men, the use of HGH is sufficient to bring testosterone levels up to normal. It’s also interesting to note, says Karlis Ullis, MD, that HGH plays a role in male and female infertility by improving the effects of reproductive hormones on sperm and egg production.

“It shows that first, there is an enhancement factor, and second, there is rejuvenation. It also affects the brain and seems to activate the whole nervous system. People say they’re having more fun, which could be due to the sensitivity of the nerve endings being increased by the effects of HGH.”

On a systemic level, hGH improves heart function and blood circulation in all parts of the body. When more blood is soaked into the male organ, the erection is enhanced and can last longer.

Growth hormone also accelerates the healing of tiny wounds in the penis and blood vessel damage that occurs during sexual intercourse, from riding a bicycle, and in some other situations.

How to boost HGH level with the best HGH supplements?

Enhancing our libido levels with HGH boosters will not produce an immediate effect, but with time, it will result in a greater sex drive. However, several benefits will be evident. HGH releasers like Sytropin or Genf20 Plus, stimulate the pituitary gland to increase the production of HGH naturally. In other words, HGH releasers will reverse the effect age has on our pituitary gland. Even if our sex life is suffering from a low sex drive, never give up because today we have natural options to restore our normal GH levels and our sexuality.

For those of you who do not wish to take any pills available for sale, there is no need to worry since there are several other natural ways to keep a healthy level of HGH in your body. A stress-free life and a good night’s sleep every night are the major contributors to higher levels of HGH, which in turn make us look and feel younger. Regular exercise also helps to spike up the HGH levels.


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